FAQ links
Why is there a percentage increase every month?
Every month, the number of links that a customer buys grows by at least 5%. This is the ideal amount to achieve a great result.
What if your business closes after we have just finished paying the yearly subscription?
You will always have the opportunity to make a refund within 14 days.
Is link building relevant for a new or small business?
Yes. It makes your brand new site to be shown up in the google search
What is a backlink?
To put it simply, your backlinks are links pointing back from other websites to your site. Backlinks are an extremely relevant ranking signal. They are an essential ingredient of practically every intelligent SEO strategy. Backlinks make a gigantic impact on your website’s position in search. They influence the popularity, relevance, and overall domain authority of your website. The more quality backlinks you have pointing to your site and pages, the better you’ll rank in search.
What is a hidden link?
Hidden links come in different forms, but most commonly in the shape of hyperlinked hidden text. The goal is to make them inconspicuous (example: white text on a white background), because their sole purpose is to pass link value, while flying under the radar of readers.
What is an outbound link?
Outbound links are those leading away from your domain to other websites.
What is an inbound link?
It is a link coming from another site to your own website.
What are footer links?
A footer link is a link located in the footer section of a web page. They are usually located at the very bottom of web pages and treated as completely separate sections.
What are contextual backlinks?
Contextual backlinks are links to other websites, placed within the main content of a page. They fit organically within content (usually text). Contextual links never appear in sidebars, footers, ads, or within the navigation. They are exclusively found in locations reserved for the primary content.
What does the term “reciprocal linking” stand for?
It’s a type of link exchange between two web admins. In this process, both admins agree to provide a link to the other party on their own site. Usually, the purpose of this form of link exchange is to provide audiences with quick access to a related site, or to promote their partnership.
Is link building actual?
Yes, it is.As we have already mentioned above, links are extremely important. For as long as links continue to play a crucial part in how the search engine calculates the worth of websites - link building will survive.

Like everything else in the world of SEO and marketing, link building is evolving. Some old ways of building links are no longer effective, but that doesn’t mean that link building as a practice, is dying. The game is still on, it’s just that some of the rules are changing with every new Google algorithm update.
How does link building work?
Links are basically bridges. Search engines use links to crawl the Web. They go through the links between individual pages on a specific site, and links between different websites. Links help the engine discover new pages and sites, and determine how high a particular page or site should be ranked in search for specific sets of keywords.

When trying to calculate the exact position a certain site should be awarded in search, Google also looks at the site’s link portfolio. The engine examines all the links coming from external websites, as well as the quality of those sites. If your link portfolio is better than those of your competitors - you’ll have a great chance of earning a spot above them in the SERPs.
How long does a link-building campaign take?
Depending on the keywords you have chosen. For example, you have chosen the keyword "selling phones". This request is high-frequency, which means that there are a huge number of sites in Google for this kind of request, respectively, it will take a lot of time for your site to be in the list of the first
How is digital PR different from traditional PR?
The process used for outreach in digital PR has a lot of similarities to traditional PR. The main differences between the two are the end goals and initiatives. Increasing brand awareness across media outlets is typically the primary objective of a traditional PR campaign. Radio, TV, print coverage, and online coverage are common components of a traditional strategy.
In contrast, just as the name implies, digital PR is focused on generating brand mentions and backlinks online. While brands still get the benefit of increased brand awareness as a result of digital PR efforts, the main goal of backlinks is to help boost search rankings and overall online visibility.
How many links do I need?
As with many other aspects of SEO and link building, it’s hard to say exactly how many backlinks you need – it really depends on the competitiveness of your market and your overall goals.
In general, it’s safe to say that you can prioritize quality over quantity in your backlink profile. For instance, it’s more beneficial to have a smaller number of links from reputable, high Domain Authority sites like The New York Times than hundreds of links from spammy, low Domain Authority blogs.
Another thing to consider is the likelihood that more recent links can be impactful in search rankings. An increase in links to a landing page can serve as a signal of relevance to search engines, so having newer links than your competitors could help you rank more competitively.
To help set a goal for the number of links you’d like to obtain, I recommend taking a look at the backlink profiles of top-ranking sites. In order to rank in line with or above the competition, you’ll want your backlink profile to be comparable, if not stronger than those profiles.
Can you guarantee a certain number of links for a campaign?
Yes, of course. If you see an opportunity to purchase a certain number of links on the site, you can 100% buy this amount
How many keywords should I use in my project?
Common rule — the more, the better. Our most successful clients use over 10-20 keywords per project. The keyword budgets should not be expensive, $15-30 per keyword is OK in most cases, however, if you are using highly competitive keywords, our recommendation can be $50-100 per keyword, and even higher.
What's the optimal monthly budget for my project?
It depends on your website and competition. We don't recommend SEO projects below $150/month, as it will be less effective than PPC (pay per click) advertising in most cases. Our studies tell that SEO become more effective than PPC at about $300-500 per month for an average website. For low-competitive you can start SEO for $200/month. High-competitive websites require $700-1000/month to be more effective than PPC(Pay per click).
Can you help me to find some good keywords?
Yes! We'll be happy to help you. Just email us with your website and targeted country.
What techniques are you using for improving my ranking?
We place our clients' links to the Cities Showcase websites. We have created online catalogs of 1472 (not exactly) cities of Ukraine and there we put through links of our customers. Here you can get acquainted with the Cities Showcase (hyperlink)
Are the links that you create permanent, or are the links removed when my budget runs out?
Links are placed for at least 1 month, you choose for how many months you want to buy a link slot. It is possible to enable the auto-renewal function, in this case the money from your card will take off automatically and the activation period of your links will be extended automatically.
Your website has a low domain authority, how will this effect the results?
Despite this, due to the proper placement of links in the right amount, you will get the desired result. You can verify this by viewing the section "Real results" (hyperlink)
Isnt buying or selling backlinks a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines, what will happen if Google finds out?
We work in compliance with all Google rules. Our specialists approach their work very carefully and responsibly. We can confidently say that the placement of through links on our resources will not negatively affect your reputation in Google
What if I change my mind, will I be compensated the full price?
You can cancel your order within 14 days from the date of purchase
Can you guarantee that my business will get into the top search? 
Yes, we can guarantee that your position in Google search will rise 100%
Do you have work cases that will prove the effectiveness of links?
Yes, of course. In the "Real results" section, you can see examples of how effectively links work
Why should I buy links from you?
At least because we provide the best result for the lowest cost on the market
How secure is my personal information when I purchase links from the official website?
Any personal information of the customer that enters our databases does not go beyond our database
What is the company's policy or protocol if my personal information is leaked to the general public?
Our company complies with the law of the country in which we operate. In case of leakage of our customers' personal data, we will do everything possible to minimize the damage caused.
Will I be compensated for the potential data leaks of my personal information?
If something like this happens, we are always ready to provide compensation for the damage caused in accordance with the legal norms. We are ready to respond in the face of the law for our mistakes.
In case of an emergency or technical issues, who can I contact and where?
You can contact our support at any time
Will my personal information be removed from the database if I finish co-operating with the company?
Of course, if you stop cooperating with us, your personal information will be deleted automatically
Will, I receive notifications of upcoming changes in the system or adjustments of potential company policy?
In case of changes in our company's policy, we will send an email to your email address with a detailed description of what has changed.
Will I see any significant result if I use your company's service only for one month?
Depends on which keywords you choose. In any case, you can talk to our experts and they will give you feedback for a specific case.
Will I see any significant result if I use your company's service only for one month?
Depends on which keywords you choose. In any case, you can talk to our experts and they will give you feedback for a specific case.
How do I buy backlinks?
Our specialists will contact you to choose the most suitable option and then help you make a purchase
After purchasing backlinks do I need to do any work on my website?
After the purchase, you do not need to make any additional actions. In case of any changes, we will contact you