Business Media Network unites business, government and people of Ukraine. We organize, connect and manage content at the local level to promote Ukrainian entrepreneurs and cities around the world.
History of the company
Founded by the Association of Students of Ukraine, a teacher of UACU University and the founder of Economy of Trust Company Alex Sheyner in January 2022 to create a global promotion platform for Ukrainian individuals and companies.
The origin of the project
The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on 24 February 2022, has led to the destruction of Ukraine's infrastructure and the collapse of its economy. This provoked the suspension of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski's «Great Construction» project, which was supposed to mark the country's entry to the international arena. As a result, the Ukrainian Students' Association began to actively develop the BMN project, to help the country, small and medium-sized businesses.
Role of students
The war in Ukraine changed the concept of the BMN project. The priority became a desire to help the country. We began to attract young Ukrainians who were looking for an opportunity to be useful for their country. The new goal of the project is to create a platform that facilitates financial support for small and medium-sized Ukrainian businesses to succeed in Ukraine and abroad.
Student project
We have moved our Business Media Network into an active stage. Every day we are joined by new students who wish to support the project. The number of cities included in Business Media Network is rapidly growing, and with this the scale of our idea. Thanks to the team of students, the goal of helping Ukrainian individuals and businesses is becoming more real by the day.
Process optimization
Our managment team
Veronika Nikiforova
Content manager
Polina Kravets
System administrator
Mariia Tsepkova
HR manager
Pasquale Tereshkin
Marketplace General Manager
Alex Bystrov
Software developer
Henry Sterenberg
Co-founder and COO
Alex Sheyner
Co-founder CTO
Oleksii Kozhanov
"Business - marketplace" - customer service manager
Nikita Sokolov
Co-founder CLC
Yulia Chufistova
Project manager
Oleksandra Kriukova
Interactive projects
map in Ukraine
Interactive projects
map in Ukraine
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